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SEDU.ME - An educational portal, a place where everyone can profitably sell their knowledge and quickly acquire new competencies on relevant topics.

A portal for self-obtaining knowledge and skills in the profile of interest. Knowledge base, educational courses, tutors and teachers.

SEDU.ME offers opportunities for the transfer of any knowledge and competencies that can be transferred from one person to another via the internet.

  • The humanities are a group of educational disciplines that study a person in the field of his spiritual, moral, mental, cultural and social activities. Study and teach online the humanities such as: archeology, anthropology, philosophy, history, cultural studies, literary criticism, pedagogy, art history, ethics, psychology, journalism, linguistics, aesthetics, graphology, political science, sociology, jurisprudence, science of science, law , ethnography, philology, criminology and all the other related branches of knowledge at SEDU.ME.
  • Applied sciences are sciences aimed at obtaining a specific scientific result, which, in turn, can  be used now and (or) for the foreseeable future to meet public and (or) private needs. At SEDU.ME, you can get and implement knowledge in any applied sciences with a profit.
  • Social sciences are a complex of disciplines devoted to the study of human societies, social reality, as well as the daily existence and interaction of social groups and individuals within those societies. At SEDU.ME, you can get and implement knowledge and competencies with a profit in  any of the following social sciences: archeology, graphology, history, linguistics, cultural studies, political science, social and cultural anthropology , psychology, regional studies, socio-economic geography, sociology, law, jurisprudence, economics, ethnography. And  also all the other related branches of knowledge.
  • Engineering is a complex of scientific disciplines devoted to the study of  the factors that influence on the development of science and technology as such. The most popular technical sciences include architecture, aeronautics and astronautics, biotechnology, shipbuilding, computer science, materials science, chemical engineering, mechanics, systems engineering, electrical engineering, nuclear energy, and a number of related branches of knowledge.
  • Natural science is a set of disciplines that study external and natural  phenomena  of the physical world. Classical examples of the natural sciences are: biology, mathematics, chemistry and physics. SEDU.ME provides excellent opportunities for the effective teaching and learning of these and many other disciplines.


SEDU.ME is an educational platform for the exchange of knowledge between competent people. These are not only professional tutors and teachers in their specialized fields, as well as educational institutions and educational centers. Also   educated specialists who have knowledge and practical experience in a particular field, who want to share their competence with the world on mutually beneficial terms can be among our users.

Each user of the system has equal rights and opportunities: regardless of your professional status, you can be a tutor or a teacher on the one hand and a listener on the other hand. Sell your competence to interested parties and buy new competencies from professionals.

The tools of SEDU.ME

For a user-friendly and efficient transfer of knowledge and competencies, we are introducing a whole range of online education tools: video and voice communication, a common desktop, online encyclopedic and reference materials, as well as an effective online knowledge testing system for tutors and students.

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